Saturday, March 8, 2014

Here's a link to the latest art journal page

Cocktail Art for my bar cart area!

Mixed media art on 12x12 canvas - first I did as a journal page, but it turn out fun so I thought I'd do a canvas to hang on the wall by my bar cart.  

Monday, January 20, 2014

Art Journal Get Together / Class Invitation

So I'm having a little get together with some girlfriends who have never Art Journaled before and I wanted to invite a couple other gals as well, so I made a couple invitations out of cardboard.  For these invites I started with a 6.5x4" nice thin stiff cardboard pieces.  I layer with gesso first, then added tissue paper napkin with gel medium that had a paisley design.

 I printed out the title using old Typewriter font on white paper and glued it on.
 Then I covered with a gel medium and let dry, I also used some modeling paste and stencils using just the white paste and then some tinted with black acrylic paint.  I used a charcoal pencil and a white pastel crayon to highlight title.  
 I kept layering with Dylusions Spray inks as well as some of Lindy's Stamp Gang Flat Fabios.
Acrylic paint with some texture stamps and finally a cute strip of washi tape.

The back is just a (messy…) postcard style invitation, but you could print out some nice and neat ones and then glue to the back to it would much nicer than this….but I was short on time (as usual) and need to get them out!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

7 GYPSIES LIBRARY DRAWER perpetual calendar & address book

I have to say... I am lovin' this 7 Gypsies Library Drawer.  At first, I was like - what the hell am I going to do with this?  I must have been tired that day, because I'm using it all the time and love it!  It's nice and long, so I am to use a vase a dear friend and neighbor gave me in the back.  It's filled with pens, scissors and the like.   I found some vintage file cards of months, as well as numbers and the alphabet, off of Esty and decorated them.  It usually sits up on that white wire shelf in the back where the little trash can is, just within my reach.  If you're a paper person like me it is my favorite catch-all.  Everything from stickers to birthday reminders, to lists of what I gave my girlfriends for their birthday, so I don't give them the same thing this year lol.  There's a couple of recipes I use all the time and even a small Art Journaling page.  This would also be an awesome Art Journal - OMG, I'm going to do that one to the rest of them!!!  Somebody shut the front door.  Ok, enough drama, here's some of the products I used and tips, 'til next time crafty girls!

 Pattern Paper, tissue tape, rub-ons, ink stamp, tab from s.e.i., washi tape, embellishments, and ribbon stapled on this one.  

 Some of the number cards had these metal label that were empty, so I filled them in with rub-ons & paper.
 Big back ground stamp,  Dylusions spray ink
Some of the tabs I used water colors and markers, and am still working on it little by little. 
If you can read that recipe, run to the kitchen IMMEDIATELY and make it, you won't be sorry. 

Yes, the Art Journaling idea is a good one (don't ya love how my conversation with myself is still going on??), that's my next project, that and about 1,500 other projects and ideas.  

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Copper Wire LED String Fairy Lights

These little lights are the bomb!!  I searched for them all over and found them way over priced at a couple of online stores as well as in town boutiques - then….I found them on ebay for 12.99!!!  I think I ended up going back and buying a few for Christmas presents.  They are cute enough to decorate the mantle all year long and I added a string to my retro bar, see picture below, and boy to they just make the ambiance for that little bar!!  The nice thing is they plug in.  Batteries are great, but they sure don't last long.  I bought an inexpensive timer for the plug in and it comes on every evening for as long as I like!  They don't get hot and you can get them in warm or cool light.  These are the warm on silver copper wire.  I bent them around the topiaries and around the decor - brilliant! 

Joyful dancers

 I really wanted to make something special for a 1st birthday for my step granddaughter and saw a beautiful mixed media art canvas in Somerset Workshop Autumn 2010 issue that featured artist Vanessa Valencia.  She is so imaginative and inspirational - it inspired me to try her technique.  It actually wasn't that hard and while the results are not near as good as hers, I think it turned out so cute for a little girl's room.  When I get an extra minute, I've made more "dancing dolls" to make a couple more canvas art.  I like Somerset Workshop magazine because they do show you step by step how to do the featured artist's designs so you can try your hand at it.  I added "Scattered Joy" because our last name is Joy.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


I do love recycling cashmere sweaters.  Ponchos are super easy for little ones.  This is one I made for my step granddaughter, Kennedy.  

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dog Bed Mini - Up cycled Bombay side table

Here's another cutie Bombay side table up cycled into a mini four poster dog bed.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Four Poster Dog Bed upcycled from end table

From mid century shabby to now century upcycled chic!  I have several in production right now, soon to be sold down at our local darling shabby chic boutique in Santa Cruz called "Scattered" on Walnut.  This one is now finished!  This is a pretty big bed.  Zoe is approximately 14 lbs and she fits perfectly on it with room to spare.  First you need to find a table that will fit your pooch when turned upside down.  Decide on a theme - I chose vintage French ? look.  I like to use a variety of mediums to decorate, for this bed I used everything from an old French book (falling apart) to scrapbook stickers.  After sanding and attaching feet (recycled from ebay), you get to turn it over and sorta see what it's going to look like. Adding finials to the legs gives it an instant four poster bed look.  These actually came from (or so the ebay seller told me) an old barn in Mnt. Zion.   I painted with an antique white and then used gold paint over and then wiped off to give it a gold old sheen.  You can take this step farther with all kinds of paint techniques (crackle, etc) available.  Sky is the limit with your imagination.  I had a heart piece of plywood cut and screwed in with screws until secure.  Mod podge is your best friend for projects like this.  After wallpapering with the pages of the old French book, I used  scrapbook stickers to create my message of "bed for royal pooch" and "sweet dreams my love".  Seal up the stickers with the Mod podge and add embellishments if you want.  I used extra glue to glue on the rhinestones - I recommend E-6000.  When it's time to get to your pillows you can reuse old pillows or new, I used old and covered them with angora and cashmere fabric of a vintage Christian Dior skirt that the elastic was completely stretched out in.  But, ivory angora is hard to keep clean, so I added a J. Crew & Banana Republic red and black cashmere and Merino wool throw to put over the top so the customer can hand wash easily.  Next, more pillows were made out of fabric scraps of red wool and cashmere giving the bed elegance and luxury worthy of even a Best of Show dog can appreciate.   I stamped (using Staz-on ink) French words on vintage pillow case fabric and rustically stitched them onto the pillows. These as well can be washed without the worry of the ink fading or running.  Very little new materials were used.  I did back the throw with new fabric because I just couldn't find anything I had to compliment it.  The black and white polka dot fabric was new as well.  
This before I decided to apply a thin sheen of gold to it.
Foam stamps and some hand painting completed the headboard message, "Sweet Dreams"

"My Love"
Stamped fabric from vintage pillowcases "my lovely dog" (mon beau chien).

Merino wool rosettes and heart from J. Crew wool sweater felted and sewn in a rustic stitch.

Here's Zoe giving it a try for me (she needs a bath and is looking a little ruff....sorry couldn't resist)

All materials and cleaning instructions as well as my card.  

I just had to use the left over fabric from the throw (backing) for one more pillow - I felt it need a little more dog theme to it!

Bed for Royal Pooch!

Always sign your work!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vintage Flower Frog Sewn Picture Frame

I found a box of various sized vintage flower frogs at an estate sale last weekend, thought I would sell 'em on etsy, but I remember seeing a cool way to use them as picture holders, so I gathered my scraps and started painting a piece of cardboard thinking that would be a good platform for a sturdy frame.
I thought I would do a school pictures size approx 3x5.

Once you've selected your background paper, layer on scraps around the edges and trim to approximately 3/4 of an inch, try your picture to make sure it will slid in behind the paper and be showing how you'd like it to be.

Take an adhesive strip, the most narrow one you have and put a tiny bit on the very edge of the paper, this is just to hold the strips in place while you sew.  You do not want a sticky glue or anything that your needle on your sewing machine to go through as it will really be bad for the machine. (I've found out the hard way)

Next, double check your measurements and get everything where you want it.  Remember, you're not going to sew across the top, because that's where the picture will slide in.

Start sewing!  You'll have to grab the back of it and help it along, but sewing on paper is actually pretty easy.  Sew as close to the edge as possible, maybe 1/2 inch or less from the edge?

When you get to the corner, make sure your needle is down, lift your sewing foot - rotate the paper, replace the foot and go again. 
  Sew over your little embellishments by the edge so you don't sew through their message if you can, it's sort of a tiny space.

I actually did it right through the cardboard, but you can glue this sewn frame on if you like.  I wasn't sure if it was going to go through, but it did!

I added a decorate piece to the back as well, it's made of thick card stock and I left it a little longer than the cardboard, so it can stick down into the spikes of the flower frog.  That way the cardboard itself is sort of resting on the spikes for support.  But you can also just sort of cram them down onto the spikes, the space between the cardboard layers is good for that.

Finish off with a little distressing and you're finished.  Makes a nice gift for someone who loves vintage stuff.