Monday, March 29, 2010

Make your own fabric flowers

If you have a manual die cutting machine that uses the wood or thick/large dies, you can cut your own fabric flowers very inexpensively. I bought 9x12 sheets of boiled wool blend fabric on ebay for about $1.80 ea, which will give me loads of flowers. I also found Sizzix dies on ebay at a super cheap price to make several different shaped flowers. I hadn't used this machine in a long time and was glad to see it being used again! I have also seen them discounted in craft stores because the trend now is the electronic die cutting machines. I like Fabri-Tac made by Beacon Adhesives to assemble them and you can add beads or stitches to add your own special touch. Use them on cards, scrapbook pages or sew them on an old cardigan to give it an updated or spring look. I think I'm going to glue some to an old pair of wool slipper I have ... Too Cute!

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