Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Silhouette vs Cricut

There are several electronic die cutting machines on the market, the two that I am most familiar with are the Cricut and the Silhouette machine (SM). I actually have and use both of them (a perk from owning the store). I make doggie greeting cards for a local pet boutique here in Santa Cruz and incorporated Paper Pups by Cricut into many of my designs and they turned out sooo cute! With the Cricut, you don't need your computer, but you are limited to their cartridges versus the Silhouette - where if you have the font on your computer, you can cut it out. Options with fonts are limitless on the SM. The Cricut will cut up to 24", which is so great, but finding paper that large is a challenge. K & Co. does make a paper pad now this large. I'm not sure what I would need it for, but it's fun to think of the possibilities - vinyl motto on my craft room wall maybe? I joined the Silhouette download progam: $29.99 a month and have lost count on how many images I now have for my SM, making it the better value hands down, I probably a couple thousand! You also don't need special software to "weld" or make mats for your fonts/images with the SM. I'm adding a comparison chart for you to check out, but you should go to both websites and see their demos for yourself before you decide. I've seen the Cricut cartridges on ebay for cheaper and you can your friends can swap cartridges if you go in together on a machine. If you leave your house to do a lot of cropping, the Cricut is very portable, although I use an old laptop just for my SM and the two would probably take up about the same amount of room when traveling. Both are spectacular when it comes to saving money in the long run on buying letters and shapes for scrapbooking! Also, when it comes to space, it is nice to not have all the wood dies to lug around... Silhouette America has done a comparison chart for your convenience, but I still recommend checking out both companies to come to your own conclusions. I hope this helps! We will be using both machines for many of my future projects.

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