Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adhesive options for thin die cuts

Finding the right adhesive for thin die cuts can be a challenge. Liquid glue is messy, glue sticks are too way and very messy. There are a few glue pens and they work pretty good, but they're a liquid and you have to wait for them to dry. I like using my Xyron sticker makers because it is a drier medium and it's so easy, although for the thinner dies, as you can see from the photo, can have excess of the adhesive caught in between the thin areas, which you can roll off with your finger, but sometimes I end up tearing it in the process. The product I've found to be the best for this kind of project is spray adhesive. Although a can is a bit expensive, it will last you a long time and you'll be so glad you tried it! If you think it's too fume-y, try this: get a cardboard box (or as you can see, I use my trash can lined with a bag), some newspaper, and just open the window in the room; maybe do this over by the window. Shake the can, turn your die upside down and hold it about 7-8 inches away giving just a couple very short bursts of spray. Too much is not good, less is better for this. Your die will stick to your project perfectly without waiting for drying time or rubbing off excess. They make some that give you a few seconds to move it before it become permanent as well.

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