Monday, April 12, 2010

New Life for your Cricut & Silhouette Mats!

Tired of spending way too much money on mats that you're only getting a few uses out of? Between the dog hair floating around and the misc pieces of paper stuck to them, my die cutting mats don't last as long as I'd like! There is hope! With the introduction of Crafter's Companion's "Stick Away" and "Stick & Spray" you can get the same use as you would if you bought 48 mats! That's a LOT of savings. They work together, the Stick Away first removing all the old adhesive, (dog hair) floating fuzz, and paper remenats and after that you you use the Stick & Spray to put down a clean repositional adhesive layer onto your mat giving it new life again and again! There are a couple of gals that sell scrapbook supplies on line who've made a cute instruction video showing just how easy it is. Although not cheap, one can will set you back 9.00 buck as well as the other so, just under 20.00 for both, in the long run it will save you tons of money and frustration when your mat can no longer comply with your requests! Here's the link to their video:

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