Friday, April 9, 2010

QUESTION~how do you organize your paper & stickers?

Jen S. writes: " do you organize your Basic Grey items? Do you organize papers together by theme? Name? Color? How do you organize your rub-ons? By color, style, theme?
Answer: That's a great question Jen, lots and lots of customers used to come in and put their hands up in frustration with the same questions. I've tried several different products trying to get organized using the least amount of space and what works the best for me is this: Cropper Hopper's Vertical 12x12 Paper Holders and their Sticker Envelopes. They're inexpensive, made sturdy, lightweight, and easy to organize in. For my favorite paper; Basic Grey, (I have quite a lot, so it has it's own shelf) I have them by individual releases with a tab at the top to separate them, this way I have minimal frustration when I'm trying to find a certain piece. All my other paper is by Company, but you could certainly organize by color. Then I have a couple Paper Holders by theme, i.e., Christmas, birthday, boy stuff, Halloween, so that I can find my favorite themed paper easily. CH also makes dividers for these plastic containers so your paper is nice and neat, you can label each theme, and see each one easily. Now for the stickers. CH makes these cool sleeves called the Sticker Envelopes that have mulitple pockets to put different sized stickers, rub-ons and embellishments. They too have tabs at the top for easy labeling and the fit inside the 12x12 Paper Holders so you can grab out only what you need instantly and get to work! I have them organized by theme as well. I used to spend hours just trying to find my "stuff" and this system seems to be the most cost effective and organized way yet for me. I've had all of them for years now and none of them have broke down. They fit easily on a shelf or in a cupboard and are easy to pull out and take with you as well. CH also makes a Scrap Storage envelope as well and I think both of them come with 3 in a package along with labels. Here's the link to their website and products, but you can usually find them at Michael's or your craft store probably won't mind ordering for you as well. Thanks for the question Jen! Be sure to email me your address so I can send you a little gift ;o) Merri

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