Sunday, May 30, 2010

Good Free Font Site: Font Squirrel

Here's another great safe site (at least my Norton says it's safe...) with great fonts. FONT SQUIRRELThey're organized by type, as most are, which makes it easy to find the style you're looking for. When doing several scrapbook pages, do your journaling first if you can. Set your page in Windows to columns, I usually make three or I'll do two with wider setting. Then journal all your events leaving several spaces between each event. You can change your fonts at this point to go with the theme you're going to be cropping in, i.e. a "Grunge" font if you're doing a Halloween page. Load the print with a neutral color cardstock paper. I like to use Sugar Cookie by Bazzill Basics because it will go with just about everything. Print out your columns of journaling, use your 12x12 trimmer and cut them to size, use a color appropriate to the page your doing fluid chalk and ink the edges and you're done! A whole bunch of journaling in one swoop.

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