Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where can I find replacement blades for my Silhouette machine??

Shanta writes:
Hi I found your videos through a search on you tube and I have a question for you..I bought a used silhouette machine from someone the old model and the blades are not cutting the paper I looked at it through the holder and you can barely see the blade so i need a replacement blade..I have searched all over the net and everyone is sold out can you tell me where I can buy replacement blades for this machine?

Hi Shanta - sorry it's taken me an eon to get back to you, I almost stopped doing the blog, but decided I would start it up again - ok, I've actually ordered them on ebay and had good results. Also, you should be able to get them from the source: Silhouette America and order them directly from there. I've found them to be very helpful if you call them directly as well. They've always been more than willing to walk me through any problems I've had getting my machine to do certain things when I was first starting out. You'll find that your machine cuts SO much better, I didn't realize how bad I needed a new blade until I replaced the old one!

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