Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The fight for more space!!

I think one of the biggest challenges a crafter faces is space! One of my biggest pet peeves is the storage of my punches. I've even had customers and friends ask, "How the heck do you store your punches?" I usually keep some in a drawer and the bulk of them in a Krafters Purse (see pic above). Recently though, I've discovered that more and more companies are making their punches so they fold flat and lock closed allowing you to stack/store easier! Check them out, EK is one company as well as Stampin Up! and I'm sure others will follow. It's a big difference from the giant heavy punches I started out with. PS: I had a hard time finding Stone Creek Creations on the web (makers of the Krafters Purse), but I did find several online stores as well as ebay selling the Krafters Purse if you're interested in it. It is an awesome little tote for crafting!

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