Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our own handwriting...

There were so many times I was journaling via computer next to a religious scrapbooker, who would inevitably blurt out, "...oh you should journal in your own handwriting, so your kids can see it was you who wrote those memories." I would smile and agree with my mind screaming - ah, yeah, your handwriting is c**p!! Well, it isn't really that bad if I only have to write one word and I write as slow as a snail. Right. There is, however, hope...did you know you can turn your handwriting into a font? There are sites you can go to & for a minimal price, turn your handwriting into a font. The best of both worlds!! Here's one I found that charges $9.95. It seems easy enough....I'll let you know if I decide to actually do it and how it turns out ;o)

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