Monday, April 18, 2011

National Scrapbook Day was this last Saturday and although I didn't really feel like going because my friend that was supposed to go with me couldn't make it, I'm glad I did. I hadn't been to an actual crop, where they feed you 3 meals, give away prizes and you share your table with another enthusiastic cropper. So, I packed my bags, said bye to my family for the day, parked and walked into a crop knowing no one. I found my table and set to work and over the course of 8 hours I made one card, finished an album and did five 8.5 X 11 pages. Now, I know this doesn't seem like a lot, but looking back it got me out of the house, I made some new friends and had a really good time. Those of you lucky enough to have a designated room for your crafting like I do, I'm here to tell you... it's still good to get out and go to a crop now and again!! So, the next time someone asks you to go to a crop - Go! You'll be glad you did ;0)

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