Thursday, May 26, 2011

Picture Frame Bulletin Board DIY Rub-Ons Quotes

Found a great bargain at a yard sale last weekend; an old empty picture frame for $5.00. I saw this great idea to make a bulletin board out of one in Do It Yourself magazine published by Better Homes and Garden and another example in Flea Market Style magazine. I sort of combined the two and the result is really cute! First go to the hardware store and pick out some paint. I love those "samples" you can get now for a couple of bucks. That's all you'll need for this project anyway is a small jar. I used a light blue, tropical blue and a melon color. Paint it up and let dry over night. Now, dig through all those left over rub-ons from different projects and rub them right on to the wood or canvas like I did. Rub-ons will adhere to just about anything. Use up paper flowers, adhesive rhinestones and any other embellishments you have. Next decide if you want to use hanging clamps or magnets. The screen I got from the hardware store (around $25.00) is made of aluminum and is very cute, BUT magnets will not stick to it - thus the inserted pieces of cork you see to have the option of push pins. Next time, I will get a screen made of steel so the magnets will stick. Use tin snips ($12.00 hardware store) and cut to fit the back leaving a little over so you can staple with a construction grade stapler to the back of the wood frame. The possibilities are endless with color and design and what a budget friendly shabby chic piece! This would be way over what I spent if I bought it at a boutique....enjoy! Here's DIY on facebook it's a great source of budget conscious ideas for the crafty person.

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