Monday, June 27, 2011

Use those scraps of all sorts!

Mix up those scraps and techniques if you need to make frames for pictures in a pinch. Sew them all together with your sewing machine and add a bit of watercolor to the pages torn from old, tattered, unusable french books. Sew buttons on bits of left over fabric from other projects and layers it all up in a mixed match fashion. Stamp on scraps of fabric and use up left over rub-ons and stickers. You'll love the budget result and it will be much cuter than if you'd bought a plain 'ol frame from a store ;0)


  1. gorgeous frames , love all the detail and its from scraps ..yay always have lots of scraps (that i cant throw out !) tfs

  2. Emilysnan - I wanna see what you do with them next ok? I need some new inspiration too!! Post them on my facebook when you get a chance ok? Thanks!!! Merri