Sunday, January 19, 2014

7 GYPSIES LIBRARY DRAWER perpetual calendar & address book

I have to say... I am lovin' this 7 Gypsies Library Drawer.  At first, I was like - what the hell am I going to do with this?  I must have been tired that day, because I'm using it all the time and love it!  It's nice and long, so I am to use a vase a dear friend and neighbor gave me in the back.  It's filled with pens, scissors and the like.   I found some vintage file cards of months, as well as numbers and the alphabet, off of Esty and decorated them.  It usually sits up on that white wire shelf in the back where the little trash can is, just within my reach.  If you're a paper person like me it is my favorite catch-all.  Everything from stickers to birthday reminders, to lists of what I gave my girlfriends for their birthday, so I don't give them the same thing this year lol.  There's a couple of recipes I use all the time and even a small Art Journaling page.  This would also be an awesome Art Journal - OMG, I'm going to do that one to the rest of them!!!  Somebody shut the front door.  Ok, enough drama, here's some of the products I used and tips, 'til next time crafty girls!

 Pattern Paper, tissue tape, rub-ons, ink stamp, tab from s.e.i., washi tape, embellishments, and ribbon stapled on this one.  

 Some of the number cards had these metal label that were empty, so I filled them in with rub-ons & paper.
 Big back ground stamp,  Dylusions spray ink
Some of the tabs I used water colors and markers, and am still working on it little by little. 
If you can read that recipe, run to the kitchen IMMEDIATELY and make it, you won't be sorry. 

Yes, the Art Journaling idea is a good one (don't ya love how my conversation with myself is still going on??), that's my next project, that and about 1,500 other projects and ideas.  

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